Exclusively for Women: Apple Watch Band

Custom designed Apple Watch Band with intricate accents of rose gold and beads in various shades of pink and purple, including hints of other colors as well as authentic Swarovski crystals in accenting colors.

$65.00 excl. 7.75% CA Sales Tax (if applicable)

Just for Women!


With a dash of color and elegance, watch bands from be-aditudes turn your Apple Watch into a personalized piece of jewelry. Our Apple Watch Bands are comfortable to wear and easy to attach and remove, making them the perfect accessory. There is one for every mood or occasion and custom colors/designs are always welcome. Buy a few and add some style to your technology!

Note: We are happy to make custom sizes for every body type. We love to work with our clients to create the perfect piece of jewelry with the perfect fit. Please contact us for more information.